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Through analysis of reports of patient safety incidents, and safety information from other sources, we develop advice for the NHS that can help ensure the safety of patients.


Advice is issued to the NHS as and when issues arise, via the Central Alerting System in England and directly to NHS organisations in Wales.


Alerts cover a wide range of topics, from vaccines to patient identification. Types of alerts include Rapid Response Reports, Patient Safety Alerts, and Safer Practice Notices.


We often work in partnership with other healthcare agencies, Royal Colleges and NHS trusts and organisations on the development and delivery of alerts.


Search or browse the directory below for alerts.


Please note: From 1 June 2012 all enquiries related to alerts (Rapid Response Reports, Patient Safety Alerts, Safer Practice Notices etc) should be directed to the Central Alerting System Helpdesk: safetyalerts@dh.gsi.gov.uk.

TitleIssue dateType
Potassium solutions: risks to patients from errors occurring during intravenous...31 October 2002Alert
Establishing a standard crash call telephone number in hospitals24 February 2004Alert
Ensuring safer practice with Repevax and Revaxis vaccines01 May 2004Alert
Improving infusion device safety20 May 2004Alert
Patient Safety Information: spinal cord lesion and bowel care15 September 2004Alert
Being open when patients are harmed01 October 2004Alert
Reducing harm caused by the misplacement of nasogastric feeding tubes21 February 2005Alert
Protecting patients who are neck breathers07 March 2005Alert
Protecting people with allergy associated with latex26 May 2005Alert
Reducing the harm caused by misplaced naso and orogastric feeding tubes in...18 September 2005Alert
Safer patient identification22 November 2005Alert
High dose morphine and diamorphine injections25 May 2006Alert
Improving compliance with oral methotrexate guidelines01 June 2006Alert
Right patient, right blood: advice for safer blood transfusions09 November 2006Alert
Right patient, right blood: core competencies09 November 2006Alert
Colour coding hospital cleaning materials and equipment10 January 2007Alert
Early identification of failure to act on radiological imaging reports05 February 2007Alert
Bedrails Safer Practice Notice26 February 2007Alert
Actions that can make anticoagulant therapy safer: Work competences01 March 2007Alert
Reducing the risk of hyponatraemia when administering intravenous infusions to...28 March 2007Alert