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Improving safety through audit


The NRLS is continually working to promote and facilitate safer patient care within the NHS. To ensure that we are responding to the needs of the NHS, we are developing a web resource to audit the relevance, impact, outcome and engagement of junior doctors with NRLS products. 

Take part in the junior doctor nasogastric tubes audit

The web resource will contain links to the latest products and topic areas for evaluation, and junior doctors in England and Wales will be invited to audit information at a local level. The website will provide the audit tools to collate the data, and all information received will be fed back to the evaluation team to help guide the development of future NRLS activities and products.


The information collected by doctors will be used as a framework to direct or influence our healthcare initiatives. There are many opportunities for wider dissemination of results including internal and external publications, presentation and ongoing collaborative work with the NRLS. 



TitleIssue dateType
Nasogastric tubes audit22 February 2010Toolkit