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Quarterly Data Summaries

The Quarterly Data Summary (QDS) reports set out the number of patient safety incidents reported to the Reporting and Learning System (NRLS), and describe their patterns and trends.


The data include all patient safety incidents reported by NHS organisations in England and Wales.
Two sets of data and analysis are presented in each QDS:

  • The number of reports made to the NRLS by quarter, using data based on the date that the report was received.

  • An overview of patterns and trends in incident reports using data based on the date that the incidents occurred.

Following the transfer of the NRLS to NHS Improvement on 1 April 2016, all future QDS reports will be published on the NHS Improvement website. This begins with the QDS reports published 28 September 2016 for up to March 2016 and up to June 2016 .


Previous QDS reports can still be found below. 

Supporting information for the Quarterly Data Summaries

NRLS Quarterly Data Workbooks containing summary data for a 12 month period. These single work books replace the Quarterly Data Summaries.