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10 for 2010: Reducing harm from falls

This 10 for 2010 programme will reduce harm from falls without compromising dignity, independence and rehabilitation.


Falls prevention is a complex issue crossing the boundaries of healthcare, social care, public health and accident prevention.  Falls are recognised internationally as a major health issue disproportionately affecting older people. 


In the UK, with a population of over four million people aged over 75 years around 75,000 hip fractures are treated annually with costs estimated at approaching two billion UK pounds.


A range of materials will be available below to support implementation of this programme.




Exercise to pass tubes around a circle to increase balance and reduce falls
TitleIssue dateType
Slips, trips and falls data update23 June 2010Data report
Bedrails Safer Practice Notice26 February 2007Alert
Slips, trips and falls01 January 2007Data report