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10 for 2010: Making childbirth safer

This 10 for 2010 programme improves patient safety for women and their babies associated with labour and birth.


The commonest cause of maternal death due to pregnancy (direct cause) is Thromboembolism and the commonest cause of maternal death due to underlying conditions (indirect cause) is cardiac disease. 


Reviews have identified problems with the care provided to women and their babies during pregnancy and childbirth. These include inadequate antenatal and care, problems with diagnosis, failure to recognise deterioration during labour, failure to escalate appropriately, poor team work and communication, shortages of midwives and insufficient obstetric cover.    

Further research has found that human error contributes to adverse events and that these are linked to clinical inexperience, poor training, staff shortages and problems with staff changeover.


This programme will complement the King’s Fund Safer Births Initiative and the Health Foundation’s Improving the Safety of Maternity Services Programme. NPSA is working closely with these organisations to ensure effective collaboration.


A range of materials will be available to support implementation of this programme.



TitleIssue dateType
Placenta Praevia after Caesarean Section Care Bundle10 February 2010Toolkit
Intrapartum Scorecard10 February 2010Toolkit
Review of Intrapartum–Related Perinatal Deaths Pro Forma10 February 2010Toolkit