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Patient safety resources

These resources range from alerts and guidance to toolkits and data reports and can help healthcare professionals improve patient safety in their organisation.



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Subscribe to email alerts from the Central Alerting System (CAS) here. This system includes Safety alerts, emergency alerts, drug alerts, Dear Doctor letters and Medical Device Alerts.


Following the transfer of the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) to NHS Improvement on 1 April 2016, from 28 September 2016 the Organisational Patient Safety Incident Reports (OPSIR) and NRLS Quarterly Data Summaries (QDS) are now published on the NHS Improvement website. This begins with the publishing of the OPSIR October 2015 to March 2016 and the QDS reports for January to March 2016 and April to June 2016


Previous OPSIR and QDS data reports can still be found below.

TitleIssue dateType
National framework for reporting and learning from serious incidents requiring...01 March 2010Guidance
Neonatal resuscitation | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Contact injuries from wheelchairs in hospitals | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Transferring neurosurgery patient images | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Wrong strength phenol | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Mental health patients in transit | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Injectable medicines in theatres | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Extravasation of neonates revisited | Signal26 February 2010Signal
ECT patient safety issues | Signal26 February 2010Signal
Reducing harm from omitted and delayed medicines in hospital24 February 2010Alert
Design for patient safety: guidelines for the safe on-screen display of...23 February 2010Guidance
Nasogastric tubes audit22 February 2010Toolkit
Placenta Praevia after Caesarean Section Care Bundle10 February 2010Toolkit
Intrapartum Scorecard10 February 2010Toolkit
Review of Intrapartum–Related Perinatal Deaths Pro Forma10 February 2010Toolkit
Safer use of intravenous gentamicin for neonates09 February 2010Alert
Vaccine cold storage 21 January 2010Alert
Patient safety and simulation: Using learning from national review of serious...01 January 2010Guidance
Matching Michigan | Data collection tools14 December 2009Guidance
Reducing the risks of tourniquets left on after finger and toe surgery09 December 2009Alert